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Becoming an expat offers plenty of opportunities for people looking to travel abroad and see the world. For many, this can be a life-changing experience.

Essentially, expats are individuals who move to another country due to certain circumstances in life. Often, people transition to the expat lifestyle because of jobs, family issues, or travel experience. 

Living abroad will change your life in countless positive ways, even if spending time away from your home country can be challenging, especially at first. Adapting to changes and setting up your life in a new place requires persistence. 

The good news is, there are many resources to guide expats through their new life. One of the best resources is podcasts. There is a plethora of podcasts dedicated to showcasing the life and times of being an expat. 

From personal experiences to success stories to know-how’s, podcasts can help make expat life easier for those who pursue it. 

List of 5 Travel Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

If you are an expat and you seek relatable podcast content, here are 5 expat podcasts for travelers abroad that are worth listening to: 

 1. Not Your Average Globetrotter

Some people desire to be an expat and travel abroad for long periods of time. If you are new to this concept, you need to tune in to Rafiel Di Furira’s podcast, “Not Your Average Globetrotter” for expat newbies. He specializes in assisting people that want to spend some time in Europe. He has traveled to several European countries including Italy and Portugal. 

After his ample amount of experience traveling abroad, he has picked up new languages, and valuable traveling skills. “Not Your Average Globetrotter” is a wonderful podcast that is relatable to new expats. 

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Not Your Average Globetrotter podcast
The Expat Career Lifestyle podcast

2.  The Expat Career Lifestyle

Many are inclined to move to a different country because of their career. New job opportunities can be worth the intense lifestyle changes that come with living abroad. Dominika Miernik is a businesswoman who chose the expat lifestyle to help develop her career. On “The Expat Career Lifestyle” podcast, Dominika shares tips on how to be a parent and have a successful career simultaneously. 

She provides listeners with enriching information that helps others hoping to advance their career through travel.

3. Expat Empire Podcast

Becoming an expat isn’t a simple process. “The Expat Empire Podcast” features tons of traveling experts on their episodes. These guest hosts share their expat traveling experiences. David McNeil is the host of “The Expat Empire Podcast”. This show is beneficial to beginners, novice travelers, and expat experts. 

“Each episode provides listeners with new information that can help them successfully travel abroad. Listening to this podcast is a step in the right direction for those wanting to have their traveling wishes become established plans,” declares Essie Hays, expat writer at Boomessays and OXEssays.

The Expat Empire Podcast
Bitches Abroad podcast

4.  Bitches Abroad

Friendship is one of the most important facets of one’s life journey. Maintaining friendships while living abroad can be challenging. “Bitches Abroad” is hosted by two best friends, Der and Liv. They both live in different cities, but prioritize maintaining their friendship from a distance. Der and Liv created the podcast for others in similar situations. 

The two cover topics such as traveling abroad, living situations, and how they manage to stay in touch. This podcast is a perfect option for those who need advice on keeping up with their relationships at a distance. Being so far away from your loved ones is a huge obstacle to overcome. 

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5. Creators Abroad- The Podcast for Filmmakers

A common decision that modern content creators make is traveling for their content creation needs. Film making is an incredibly impressive art that takes raw talent and editing skills. One downside of filmmaking is not having access to high quality scenery. “Creators Abroad– The Podcast for Filmmakers” is hosted by Catharina Joubert. 

This content creation podcast teaches content creators how to utilize traveling to obtain impressive footage. Monetization possibilities, YouTube content, and digital marketing are some of the prominent topics featured on the show. 

Catharina is a filmmaker and producer, so she is a reliable expert for content creators who have yet to travel for career purposes. Catharina wants her audience to seek out adventures that can allow them to capture beautiful pieces of film. 

“While creation abroad is expensive, the results can be worth the time and money. Especially when it comes to film, transitioning to an expat lifestyle is a wonderful investment for creators to make,” claims Shane Burton, journalist at State Of Writing and Paperfellows.

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The Podcast for Filmmakers

Top Podcasts for Expats

Wrapping Up

These 5 expat podcasts can help you begin your expat journey and learn how to thrive in this lifestyle. Having the influence and guidance of those who’ve lived this journey is immensely valuable. Traveling abroad is scary, costly, and evokes anxiety in inexperienced travelers. Listening to these podcasts can help remove any worries and pressure you may have about becoming an expat. 

Writer Madeline Miller works at both Paper Writing Service and Do My Assignment. Madeline writes about traveling abroad and the expat lifestyle. She also blogs at UK Writings Reviews.

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