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Effective cross-cultural training is the solution to your most challenging cultural and communication barriers.
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The best organizations invest in cross-cultural training

In this day and age of globalization, diversity and multiculturalism in business are practically everywhere in the world. Are your employees effective at intercultural communication in the workplace? We are culturally conditioned to understand what is important, and what is right or wrong. But remember–what is considered correct in one country may not be correct in another. Behaving completely according to your own preconceived notions could be very detrimental to business.

Is your company prepared to leverage diversity to find effective solutions? To overcome the hurdles of vastly different ideas about work ethic and communication style? The most common approach is to assume that there will be a natural wisdom, understanding, and trust between people from different worlds. However, the reality is that your employees need cross-cultural training to be more effective. Only training can raise cultural awareness and impact positive collaboration.

Although face-to-face training is not yet an option because of the pandemic, training videos and e-learning courses have been used to replace live learning. This has been an effective strategy for many organizations in order to train employees who cannot attend a physical meetings.

Intercultural training

Intercultural training is a type of training that is designed to teach people about different cultures and how to deal with them. Its goal is to help people understand and appreciate other cultures, as well as become more aware of their own culture.

Cross-Cultural Training Courses

These courses can help international employees to be more aware of cultural differences and avoid making mistakes when communicating with clients from other cultures.

  • Intercultural Communication 1 & 2
  • Leading Across Cultures Intercultural Management Course
  • Cross-Cultural Team Building
  • Cross-Cultural Negotiation
  • Cultures in Context: Practical Skills for Working Across Borders
  • How to Become a Cross-Cultural Trainer
  • Global Business Manners among Diverse World Cultures
  • Executive Cross-Cultural Coaching
  • Custom-designed and Tailored Courses Available Upon Request

Change your life and discover a new career in which you can earn more and have more career satisfaction!

Learn from Cheryl how to work as an international cross-cultural trainer. Travel the world and have diverse, unforgettable experiences among many world cultures, through a highly-paid and rewarding career. Human resources professionals working in a training role can highly benefit from this course.

Study at your own pace with a pre-recorded course on Udemy.

Study with Cheryl live on Zoom

Intercultural trainers help people from all around the world to communicate with each other.

As the world becomes more globalized, it is important to have a team of people that are knowledgeable about different cultures and can help your company work with people from all over the world. The intercultural trainers in our cross-cultural training program are experts in this field and can help you create a more diverse workforce.

It’s never about cultural differences; it’s about how well you learn, understand and leverage them.

Global success lies in gaining cultural competence.

Cross-cultural competence is the key to success in business. Our internal cultural code dictates how we think, work, process information, influence people and get things done. Even among people speaking the same language, there can be vast differences in international etiquette which are important to understand.

Cross-cultural awareness

Are you about to start working with a new partner or client abroad?

Are you working across borders, and having miscommunication?

Are you managing a multicultural team who need cross-cultural team building?

Is your organization facing challenges, but not quite sure where the problems lie?

We offer knowledge on cultural norms (i.e. how to behave in a meeting), communication styles, customs, etiquette, and values that can help you better understand people from different cultures.

cross-cultural training

You came to the right place!

Our interactive approach to cross cultural training will empower you with global skills that enable you to overcome fear of unknown cultures and prepare you for your international experience. Cultural diversity training will strengthen core competencies through creative and innovative learning solutions tailored to your needs. Your  company will create a larger impact through enhanced communication skills. When you address the gaps in cultural training, you will learn how to achieve greater ROI in your business.

How it works

  • Contact us for a free 1-1 consultation.
  • We will do a “deep dive” into all your business needs.
  • Together, we will come up with a program for your success.
  • Cultural sensitivity training and cultural awareness training
  • One-on-one coaching for business leadership development
  • Cross-border market entry consultation with key cultural consultants.
  • All training and coaching is bespoke, or tailored to clients’ specific sector, target, needs, schedule, and budget.
  • Have an urgent need? Online cultural competency training can be arranged within 24 hours.

We’re experts in cross-cultural consulting, and we’re here to help you! We know how it feels to experience culture shock. Our training helps you face the challenges of cultural norms, language barriers, and more — so you can thrive in your new home.

Our cross-cultural training methodologies

Presently all cross culture solutions are provided online through Zoom.

Don’t wait – contact us and get started on building your cross-cultural understanding today!

What makes us different?

Cheryl Obal & Associates offers a culturally challenging training course that will equip you with all the tools you need to overcome culture shock and achieve success in a globalized world.


“From Cheryl I learned in a very innovative and different way from the usual traditional methods used in other courses. With Cheryl, there was never a boring lesson even after a full day of work.”

- Lorenzo Piva, Engineer

“My opinion around the lessons is that it’s like a suit that is made-to-order: adapted to each individual student, and for that reason, one feels comfortable and can learn more easily.”

- Gilberto Andrighetto, Pediatrician

“This is the best session I’ve ever been to [Intercultural Communication]. Didn’t get bored at all. This is the first time a ever enjoyed a session. Cheryl is a very good and entertaining presenter!”

- Lama Khalofa, Kindergarten Teacher

Success Stories

Trained 500+ staff members on Intercultural Communication, Business Writing, and Leadership at KAUST, Saudi Arabia

Cross-Cultural Consultant and Advisor for the Middle East, for the Department for International Trade, Birmingham, UK

Through Dwellworks USA, trained managers of AMC movie theaters from the USA relocating to Saudi Arabia. 

Culture & Communication Specialist at Microsoft India. Used Cultural Detective®, GlobeSmart, IDI, and ICS

Cross-Cultural Trainer and Coach at Opteamix India, for IT professionals before foreign assignments in US, UK, and APAC.

Cross-Cultural and Market Entry Trainer to executives from SK Korea, for expansion into Peru, Chile, Argentina and Colombia.

Worked successfully with people from 66+ countries aboard international cruise lines Holland America and Regent Seven Seas, visiting 50+ countries.

Cultural training provided for Italian families relocating to the USA for work through Modine Italy.

Corporate Cross-Cultural Trainer at multinationals all over Korea including Samsung, Hyundai, LG, Korean Air, Tupperware, eBay, and SK.

Teaching Director in the Global Skills Division of Carrot Global in Seoul Korea, to train teachers and trainers for success.

Guest Faculty Member at CREST – Center for Research and Education on Social Transformation in Calicut, India. 

Cultural training for Turkish families relocating to Dubai through BASF.

cross cultural training

Cross-cultural training is important for success in the global market. If you want to learn more about how cross-cultural differences can impact your business, call us today! Our team of experts are waiting to help you create an effective marketing plan that will work internationally.

The benefits are clear. Don’t wait any longer – call now for a consultation on how we can help you get started!

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