The best thing about being a cross-cultural trainer is that I get to work with interesting people from all over the world

Along my international path, I have gained amazing colleagues and collaborators who I am grateful to work with.

I am proud to work with the following people who serve my business selflessly, whose help I could not do without. These are the people who align with my vision and enhance my daily experience. They are the people who keep me motivated, the ones who inspire me every day.

I'll show you how


Abdulla Alnogimish

Abdulla Alnogimish

Abdulla Alnogimish, from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is a highly analytical and motivated professional with extensive experience in devising and implementing business growth strategies. He is passionate and accomplished with 10+ years of experience in managing business functions including Business Development, Research and Analytics, Marketing, Strategy and Performance.

He has driven creative concept-to-execution strategies to capitalize on untapped products, markets, and solutions that promote organizational goals. His qualifications include MSc in Chemical Engineering from Loughborough University, Project Management Professional and Business Continuity from PMI, Logistics and Transportation from the Charter Institute, SCRUM Master from the SCRUM Study Institute, Executive Program in Business and Leadership from Stanford University, and Data Analytics from General Assembly (GA).

Michael Gates - Cheryl Obal collaborator

Michael Gates

Michael Gates is an internationally-recognized teacher and writer on cross-cultural management, and a regular speaker at corporate and government events. He is widely known as an expert in this field, with over 30 years of experience across the globe in companies like Standard Chartered, the World Bank, Nokia, Microsoft, Tik Tok, Candy Crush, Rolls Royce, Statoil, the UN, Eurojust, Takeda, and the Finnish and Swedish governments.

Michael is an Associate Fellow at the Said Business School, University of Oxford, and has published articles on cross-cultural matters in numerous newspapers, magazines and books around the world.

Cheryl Obal collaborator

Sameeh Gadallah

Sameeh Gadallah specializes in Middle East culture in the areas of intercultural leadership, change management, executive coaching, business development, assertive intercultural communication, cross-cultural negotiation, global teamwork, and cultural transition of families. He regularly conducts training in both English and Arabic, in Egypt, UAE, Jordan, Sudan, Cyprus, Sweden, Morocco, Tunisia, Arab Gulf, Turkey, Spain, France, UK, and the United States.

He has worked for international companies and organizations like Toyota, LIFE satellite channel, UNCHR, Kingsight, LIFE Arabic Institute, Credo Consultancy Limited, Lesaffre, CERAN Belgium, and BGRS. Sameeh is a certified trainer of DISC and Intre-Cultural Mapping Navigation, and holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Studies in Culture and Communication from the European Commission

Cheryl Obal collaborator

Chiara Ferronato

Chiara was born in Italy and has lived in Spain, Syria, Egypt, Brazil, UK and India. She holds an MA in Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies, and is fluent in Arabic, English, French, Italian, and Spanish. Her language and intercultural skills have led her to work in nurturing commercial relationships between Egypt and Italy through the Venice Port Authority and the Italian Trade Commission in Cairo.

She has also run many language and culture courses privately online for many years. Chiara has business experience in challenging environments like India, where she set up an Indian branch of an Italian company, Meccanica Breganzese. Chiara has many passions, including being a professional photographer, which led her to work for many global clients in the art world. She also provides training in yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and Italian cooking.

Deacon Pereto

Deacon Pereto – Cross-Cultural Trainer and Coach

Deacon is originally from New Zealand but now calls Italy home. He is an entrepreneur with his own English language school called English Bus, based in Vicenza. Besides being a business owner, Deacon is an extremely talented, CELTA-certified instructor who works wonders with students of all ages and levels.

Additionally he has vast cross-cultural experience from living in 3 continents, plus his work all across the world for 20 years in the hospitality industry. In his free time, Deacon is a Maori Culture Coach with Kapa Haka Italia.

Bianca Praino

Bianca Praino – Global Career Mobility Consultant

Bianca Praino is the Founder and Director of Praino Careers, a unique careers consultancy specializing in supporting foreign nationals and skilled migrants with their UK career planning. With over ten years international work experience across UK, Europe and Asia, she understands the challenges individuals face with navigating their career in an unfamiliar cultural context.

She has a global outlook on careers and understanding of different cultural approaches to career decision making, and has used this expertise to support hundreds of individuals in achieving success with their UK careers.

Cheryl Obal and Associates collaborator

Mahmoud Assy

Mahmoud Assy, originally from Egypt, is a cross-cultural trainer and polygot who speaks 6 different languages. Besides being Cheryl’s Arabic teacher for the last four years, Mahmoud is extremely passionate about teaching and training on culture and languages, and he is able to provide training in English, Arabic, Catalan, and Romanian language.

In addition to working as an independent training consultant, Mahmoud has founded an NGO called whose main focus is diversity & inclusion, and human rights.

Imad Baig - Cheryl Obal collaborator

Imad Baig – Cybersecurity Consultant

Imad has almost two decades of experience in Information Technology and Information Systems, and has worked for multinational companies such as GE, Dell and Bank of America. He is currently working at KAUST, a research university in Saudi Arabia. Imad specializes in Governance, Risk & Compliance and has expert level knowledge in Cybersecurity Awareness & Training.

Imad brings with his expertise a special flair for customer service and a keen knowledge of the customer-centered approach.


Jorge Montenegro 1

Jorge Montenegro

Research & Writing Assistant

Jorge is a journalist from Venezuela with over 20 years of experience in writing for newspapers and international magazines. Jorge contributes his valuable skills to the Cheryl Obal brand in writing articles, information for social media, and content for the website. Besides working for Cheryl, Jorge works as a Community Manager and video editor in projects around the world. He speaks Spanish, English, German and Italian and has seven rescued cats.

Hana Abdulqader – Projects Coordinator

Hana Abdulqader

Projects Coordinator

Hana is the Projects Coordinator for the Cheryl Obal brand, specializing in business development exclusively in Saudi Arabia. Hana has lived in the Kingdom all her life, and prior to working with Cheryl, she worked for different Embassies in Riyadh for over 10 years. Hana is happy to see the rapid transformation happening in all parts of the Kingdom. She is passionate about her job and feels privileged to work with people from different cultures.

Joel Pueblos

Joel Pueblos

Business Consultant & Assistant

Joel is from Mindanao Island in the Philippines, and has worked wonders with the Cheryl Obal website. Cheryl relies on Joel for his sound advice in all things business, from website, to marketing, to social media, to strategy. He is also passionate about music and loves playing instruments in his leisure time. Joel believes that all things are connected to each other and life always has its purpose.

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