The experience of living in Saudi Arabia has been truly remarkable – it has enriched my life in countless positive ways. What’s more, the country is rapidly developing, becoming a popular destination for business, hospitality, and its amazing culture.

I’m excited to combine my personal experiences with expert cross-cultural training courses that lead to people feeling prepared, relaxed and ready for their upcoming assignment in Saudi Arabia. Come and explore Saudi with me!

It’s always smart to familiarize yourself with the culture of any nation you plan to do business with. Knowing their traditions, habits, and behaviors can help ensure your business transactions run smoothly.

Companies in Saudi Arabia, companies soon relocating to Saudi, or companies opening a branch in KSA:

Are you preparing your staff for the big move?

Whenever moving staff to another country, it’s advisable to provide them with cross-cultural relocation training, and it’s better to do this before they leave their home country.

As a professional who has lived and worked in Saudi  Arabia for several years, my speciality is preparing people for expat assignments in the Kingdom.

The training is customized to every trainee’s needs, and includes topics like:

and more…

Saudi Arabia Cross Cultural Training

Saudi Arabia Cross-Cultural Training

Educate your staff on the culture of Saudi Arabia and how to work effectively with them.

Saudi Arabia Relocation Training

Prepare your staff before relocating to the Kingdom so they are relaxed, informed, and ready to make the move!
relocation training

Trainees have all their questions answered in a safe and positive environment. The result is feeling relaxed, ready, and excited for their assignment in Saudi Arabia!

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Saudi Arabia Business Consultation

Saudi Arabia Business Consultation

We offer commercial registration in Saudi Arabia, as well as advice, support, and consultation to emerging companies, mergers and acquisitions, business configurations, joint ventures, business orientation for companies of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 500’s.

Setup your business in Saudi Arabia today!

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job assistance

Saudi Arabia Job Search Assistance

Want to land a job in Saudi Arabia?

I am offering individual sessions which include:

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Cheryl with saudi

Global transitions, made easy.

Cheryl Obal specializes in providing training to corporations moving to Saudi Arabia, as well as Saudis transitioning to other countries.

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Cheryl has worked with the following Saudi companies, or international companies that relocated staff to Saudi:
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“This is the best session I’ve ever been to. Didn’t get bored at all. This is the first time I ever enjoyed a session. Cheryl is a very good and entertaining presenter!!“
Lama Khalofa
Course: Intercultural Communication
“Thank you again for this very efficient course and training you gave us.“
Mohammed Nabilsi
Course: Effective Communication for IT Professionals Course
“You are the best teacher ever. We will be honored to have you again.”
Hazem Khoja
Hazem Khoja
Course: Leadership for Managers
”I am writing to you today to express to you about my appreciation, deep appreciation. I had a couple of English business writing courses with you at KAUST and today, what you trained us showed up to surface. I was writing an email as a part of my usual work, then I told myself let me test it in some online checkers. Well, it showed a performance of 100% more than one website. I am really pleased with this result. All I can say to you now is Thank you. Thanks a lot for the guidance you provided us with.”
Amr Hakeem
Amr Hakeem
Course: Business Writing Skills
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The culture you need to succeed in business.

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