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Why do truly global companies need cross-cultural training?

“The biggest problem companies face when working across borders is not marketing, sales, or generating leads. It’s lack of cross-cultural competence.”
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Cheryl Obal
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Most companies fail to survive when working across borders because:

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We create digital course content for companies and institutions that can be customized with your company's branding and integrated into your company’s LMS with .scorm files and other formats.

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Travel the world, teach people valuable skills, and enhance your career as a cross-cultural trainer.


UK Interview Preparation Course

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“I thoroughly enjoyed Cheryl Obal’s Cross-Cultural Train-the-Trainer course. Cheryl Obal integrated theory, business coaching and consulting strategies effectively into this insightful course. She exhibits an outstanding ability to connect with her trainees and comprehend their context-specific requirements. I would strongly recommend this course to anybody interested in honing their cross-cultural skills.”
Fizza Zaidi
Fizza Zaidi
“Cheryl is highly educated, experienced in many different ways, very organized and a well-liked person. She has a lot of energy and enthusiasm, which brings her activities to life and can be quite creative and entertaining. Her passion in what she does is definitely noticeable by the results of her work. This is one person who would lift up a company's spirit and give value. Her wealth of global experience shows that she can adapt to any environment and still be the same professional and upbeat person.”
Deacon Pereto
Deacon Pereto
“It was my pleasure to be in such a wonderful class, given by a wonderful instructor. The subject in my opinion applies across the organization: new hires, even staff who’ve been here a long time for objective awareness. I’ve suggested this to my Director and Business Manager, to allow for such a presentation within our department.”
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Marie Hazelwood
Executive Assistant

My Story

About the Founder

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Cheryl Obal

Cheryl Obal, Director of Training and Consultation, has 20 years of experience as a culture and communication skills trainer, executive coach and consultant at multinational companies and institutions across the world. Cheryl holds an M.A. in International Relations from The University of Trieste, Italy. 

She is a certified trainer of the Lewis Model of Culture, Cultural Detective,® and GlobeSmart® methodologies for cross-cultural training and coaching. She is also certified as a TEFL – Teacher of English as a Foreign Language.

Cheryl was born, raised and educated in the USA (23 years); lived in Italy 18 years, India 3 years, Korea 2 years, Thailand 1 year, Japan ½ year, Saudi Arabia 4 years, and Qatar ½ year. She has visited 60 countries for work.


My mission is to give companies and individuals the tools needed to thrive when working abroad. My passion is to promote mutual understanding among people from different cultures and backgrounds. Collaborating across borders has its challenges and I get it—I have been there!

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My vision is a world in which people celebrate cultural differences rather than criticize them. No culture is right or wrong, or better or worse—cultures are just different, and that’s what makes the world a beautiful place. With increased cross-cultural competence, people get along better, work more effectively, and maximize partnerships. This knowledge can change your world, and the world around you.

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