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How to Become a Cross-Cultural Trainer

Travel the world, teach people valuable skills, and enhance your career as a cross-cultural trainer.


The best training methodologies in the industry


How to do a new client intake


How to engage learners in online and offline training programs


How to build an online presence or start a consultancy

UK Interview Success

UK Interview Preparation Course


Develop an understanding of different UK interview formats


How to prepare examples tailored to different question types


Know how to recognise a competency based interview questions, what is STARR and how to use it.


Know where to look for follow up support and resources.


Learn about different types of questions you can expect and how to answer them

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Become a cross-cultural trainer

Change your life and discover a new career in which you can earn more and have more career satisfaction!


Learn from Cheryl how to work as an international cross-cultural trainer. Travel the world and have diverse, unforgettable experiences among many world cultures, through a highly-paid and rewarding career. Human resources professionals working in a training role can highly benefit from this course.

Certificate will be awarded at the end of the course.

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All courses can be delivered online or in a hybrid virtual/face-to-face model

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