Who is Cheryl Obal and how did she become an expert in this field? All your questions are answered below.

Where is Cheryl from?

She was born and raised in the US (Pennsylvania), but now she is a permanent resident of Italy. She also lived in the following countries:  

Saudi Arabia 4 years, Pakistan 1 year, India 3 years, South Korea 2 years, Qatar, Thailand and Japan all 1 year, and of course, Italy for more than 15 years

Tell me about the business

Cheryl Obal  & Associates is registered in Italy. The business was founded in October 2020, but Cheryl has been working in this field for around 20 years.  

Due to COVID, all training and services are currently provided virtually. However, once travel becomes possible again, Cheryl would be glad to travel to your company to provide training or consultation services either short-term or long-term. 

What is the main focus of the business?

  • Targeted training and consultation on culture and business for a new market.   
  • Relocation and global mobility training, specific for living and working successfully abroad.  
  • Company formation & setup services through local partners in India, Italy, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.  
  • Outsourcing partnership setup with technology companies in India

How many people work for this company?

Cheryl Obal collaborates with several people around the world.

There are several part-time/virtual employees: 

  • Hana Abdulqader – Project Coordinator, business development – Saudi Arabia  
  • Joel Pueblos – Web designer, Business Consultant – Philippines
  • Jorge Montenegro – Writing & Research assistant – Venezuela
  • Olivia Olaguer – Digital Marketing Specialist – US

And several cross-cultural trainers who Cheryl collaborates with:

  • Michael Gates – Finland/UK  
  • Deacon Pereto – Italy
  • Chiara Ferronato – Spain – Arabic-speaking
  • Mahmoud Assy – Egypt/Spain – Arabic-speaking  
  • Sameeh Gadallah – US/Egypt – Arabic-speaking 

She also collaborates with other consultants in similar fields:

  • Bianca Praino – Spain
  • Imad Baig – Saudi Arabia

What is Cheryl Obal's experience?

Cheryl Obal has been working as a corporate {cross-cultural skills} trainer at multinational companies and institutions around the world, including Microsoft. Having worked and lived extensively in several countries over the last 20 years, Cheryl has developed key strategies for working successfully and living comfortably in foreign countries.  

Since Cheryl has focused specifically on cross-cultural skills for entering new markets, she focuses on two areas: culture and business.

What are some of the companies she has worked for?

Microsoft, Opteamix (India), KAUST (Saudi Arabia), BASF (Dubai), Department for International Trade (UK), American Multi-Cinema c/o Dwellworks (USA), Hyundai, Samsung, Tupperware, KoreanAir, eBay, Green Cross, SK (Korea); Crossculture Academy (Germany), Learnlight (Spain), San Bortolo Hospital of Vicenza, Zanellato and Partners, Oncological Institute of Veneto, A. Pedrollo Conservatory of Music, Pfizer, Modine (Italy) 

What qualifications does Cheryl have?

  • Cheryl holds a Master of Arts in International Relations, Peace Operators from the University of Trieste, Italy.  
  • Certified Trainer: Lewis Model of Culture  
  • Certified Trainer: Cultural Detective 
  • Certified in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

Can you describe her services?

Cheryl provides consultation, training, and coaching with two main focus areas: 1) culture and 2) business. Services can be provided one-on-one, in small groups, or in large groups. At the moment, due to COVID, all services are conducted virtually. Every package is tailored to the client’s needs, and customized to suit your exact needs in terms of learning, adjusting, adapting, and succeeding in a foreign market.

Who should attend this cross-cultural training?

Companies who are entering a new market for the first time will need to understand the culture very well, in order to do business effectively there. Staff members of companies coming to work in the new country will also need relocation training to make the transition smooth. It is even effective if you are working from your home country, with collaborators in other countries.

What are the benefits?

  • Expats can know and understand the target culture very well  
  • You will understand your own culture very well.
  • You will develop strategies for building trust and positive relationships with new colleagues, clients, customers, etc.  
  • People who do this training are more likely to stay in the foreign country for a longer period of time.  
  • People who do this training will be better-adjusted, live comfortably, and have less culture shock. 

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