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Cheryl Obal & Associates offers cross-cultural consulting solutions that help companies go global.

Over the years, we have developed a solid reputation for delivering high-quality cross-cultural consulting services. Through our guidance, you will understand consumer behavior, how to establish trust, how to negotiate, intercultural leadership, team management, how to adapt your communication style, and how to build a network in your target market. 

Learn and develop strategies from professionals who have extensive experience in managing cultural differences.

 Doing business abroad successfully is an art which requires  awareness of your customers, what motivates them and what irritates them.

We are people that worked and lived in these target markets. We have a keen understanding of  how people from different cultures and backgrounds think, due to having been fully immersed for several years.

Our consulting expertise comes from years of having been expatriate professionals in each of our countries of expertise. And prior to becoming consultants, we were all cross-cultural training specialists or working in international relations. For more info, check out the “Team” page here.

Most companies fail to survive when working across borders because:

  • They lack the experience of living in the target country.
  • They don’t have experience in working with people from different cultures.
  • They don’t respond to change, especially differences in global business culture.
  • They don’t have any personal contacts in those countries where they want to work. 
  • They are afraid to invest their money in a foreign market.
  • They don’t know where to start in finding a partner to help them.
  • They are worried about taxation, compliance, or IP issues.
  • They are misinformed of the costs and time frames needed to set up in a foreign market.
  • They don’t know where to get cultural business consulting.
  • They haven’t developed their ability in cross-cultural communication, or managing across cultures.
managing across cultures

Enter a new market successfully with our help

It’s never about cultural differences, it is about how well you understand, learn and leverage them.

  1. Cross-cultural marketing
  2. Presentation and negotiation strategies
  3. Workplace culture and ethics 
  4. Building trust in your target market and networking. 
  5. Collaborating across cultures
  6. Cultural differences and their impact on international business
  7. Cross-Cultural Assessment Tools
  8. Cross-cultural Leadership coaching 
  9. Cross-Cultural Team building
  10. Cross-cultural learning and development solutions

The impact of cultural competence in your business

Different cultural groups communicate differently. Communication is a two-way street of understanding and can be difficult to complete when one or both speakers do not share a common understanding. Cultural competence is the ability to recognize these differences and adapt one’s style of communication in order to complete the conversation successfully.

The consulting firm’s goal is to help companies understand these differences and to create a more inclusive work environment.

  • Diverse teams are more likely to produce better results because they have different backgrounds and experiences. This allows them to come up with unique solutions by having different perspectives on a problem.
  • Culture-diverse team members are more likely to be more creative and innovative. They are also more likely to have better problem-solving skills.

Diversity is the key to success. 

It is important for a company to have an inclusive culture and recruit and retain diverse team members.

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Cross-cultural consulting solutions

Consulting – the gateway to creating a culturally-connected workplace and working across several countries.

Keeping a Global Mindset

The consultation is explicitly designed with a creative and innovative approach keeping in mind various cultural etiquette and soft skills.

Continuous Learning

You will evolve. Adapting new concepts and keeping up with navigating differences and various cultural shifts across the world is an important part of our brand.

Passion and Respect

Connecting the cultural differences and building a positive and engaging interaction is our passion. We don’t just listen to your problems; we care about them.

Avoid mistakes and increase sales by gaining knowledge from a cross-cultural relations consultant.

One of the biggest challenges facing companies with a global presence is how to manage cross-cultural differences amongst employees.  Every country has its own unique culture, and importing a product or service without taking that into account can lead to failed business relationships, lost revenue and even costly lawsuits. So what do you do? Be sure YOU are prepared through cross cultural management consulting.

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